Hamburg Harbour

The Harbour/Port of Hamburg – a photo opportunity not to be missed!

Hamburg is home to a very busy port on the river Elbe that has been a defining part of the city for hundreds of years. Today it is still very active – massive cruise ships and gigantic cargo ships intermingle with smaller masted ships. It is particularly nice to walk around St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and if you feel so inclined, you can go on boat tours from there.

It is definitely worthwhile to visit Hamburg in the first week of May because this is when the Harbour Birthday (Hafengeburtstag) takes place. The Harbour Birthday is quite a big event with activities such as Tugboat ‘Ballets’ (Schlepperballett) and fireworks. The harbour is full of boats of all sizes and many people from all over travel to Hamburg just for the Hafengeburtstag.

A parade of people wearing old-fashioned clothing (presumably for the Harbour Birthday)

The vibrancy of the Harbour, particularly during the Hafengeburtstag, makes it a great location to take photos, particularly with the variety of boats and the “carnivalesque” feeling on shore with its many food stalls.

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