Go Fish! LaSardina Party Recap Arrrr!

Fishnets, fresh spices & lemons…
For a night Lomography Milan turned into an awesome mediterranean fishmarket for La Sardina’s launch on june 16th.

Sailors, mermaids, and even a few lovely creatures from the 7 seas joined us to celebrate big style the new arrival at our “beach”.

We love to party and we couldn’t possibly let this wonderful occasion ‘swim’ by us just like that so we scouted a great crew of sailors and sailorette’s from our community to go wild with us… And by “wild” i mean we even had sailor tattoos specially designed to our party by the supercool tattoo artist Angela Smisek who got us some ‘ink’ done inbetween a bolt of flash from Fritz the Blitz on both El Captain and Fischers Fritze’s

The pirates brought us some intoxicating grogg and our lomoship chef fried us the finest crispy shrimps and calamari. Our guests loved it! And while we danced to a groovy selection of sunny 80’s summer hits we almost felt the fresh breeze of the sear blowing against us.

See what you’ve missed? But don’t worry… we love to party so much that we’ll be bringing a new party along when you least expect it


written by superchouette on 2011-06-22 #news #party #photo #lomography #recap #lgs_milan #lasardina

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