Backstreets and Boating

Venice through the backstreets and canals. A slightly alternative way to look at Venice.

Back in 2009, I took a four-day trip to Venice and saw everything and more. As it was the height of summer (End of July) the heat, if you like it hot, was terrific, if you don’t, perhaps go earlier in the season. There are plenty of ways to get out of the heat; the backstreets are perfect for this. I actually didn’t get a tan or even a bit pink from this trip because I generally was shadowed by the incredible old buildings that this city has to offer.

A hot spot for most avid tourists is St Marc’s Square, for me however, it was the trip to the small island off Venice (San Michele), which you can take the water bus to and from all day, everyday. The island housed a cemetery for past nuns and priests. It was peaceful, and in fact, a beautiful setting. It also meant you could escape the hundreds of other tourists on the mainland just for a few hours. Perhaps, as one suggestion is to take a picnic and plenty of water, although I think they did have a drinks machine.

Hot tip: The water bus was great! It was cheap and ran all day long. You saw parts of Venice that perhaps you wouldn’t usually see on a gondola (which are also very pricey), I saw some wonderful art: official and unofficial, which gave Venice a slight urban character.

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