Beach Breakfast BBQ

A small weekend camping getaway filled with play, food, and sand.

Llangennith, The Gower is a hot spot for surfers from all over the world. However, if you go in April, when the sun is still warming up the sea, you get a quiet, peaceful beach to relax in and enjoy the outdoors! If you are not keen on putting on a wetsuit and getting on the board, Llangennith has a lot more than good surf to offer.

For starters, it has its own camp site, which actually has caravans’s small holiday homes you can hire, however, camping is where the fun is. Avoid taking disposable BBQ’s as the camp site does not allow them (we did not know this). It worked out for the best. Just a 2-min walk and you are standing right in the heart of this long glorious beach, we made small fire to boil the tea and started a BBQ up – Hey Presto Beach-Breakfast-BBQ.

If you want more than just burgers and sausages, then the camp site has its very own Eddy’s Cafe that does a mean milkshake. If you fancy something a little stronger and don’t mind a walk, there is the local pub at the top of the hill, which has an excellent menu then it is definitely worth a visit. While you’re up, there is a small but very well-equipped surf shop (PJ’s Surf shop), which you can hire boards and wetsuits from.

written by hayleighjoseph on 2011-07-13 #places #location #escape-from-the-city

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