Coastal Walks for the Faint Hearted


Newport, West Wales! A small trip along the coast with some friends. An exploration of off the beaten track to some of the most incredible beaches in Wales.

West Wales has some of the most delightful coastlines, especially when you visit off season. Some of the most interesting off-the-track beaches and coastal walks are in Newport, Carmarthen. The beaches and fishing ports are enchanting and peaceful. The best time to visit is during late April or early May.

Newport sands is a terrific beach, it’s quiet and generally only locals use it. There is also plenty of sand to make sand castles! It’s a really clean beach and if you fancy a spot of sailing, there is a boat club across the estuary, which is situated on the Parroge. If you fancy a few days there and you’re on a shoe string budget. There’s a camp site right on the Parroge.

There are plenty of coastal paths, if you fancy stretching your legs and seeing the Welsh coast at its best. They lead to many other beaches and private coves, where you can skip stones into the sea! It is a lovely treat, and definitely a place to visit if you want escapism.

written by hayleighjoseph on 2011-07-12 #places #location #escape-from-the-city

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