UnDeR tHe SeA, UnDeR tHe SeA: With the Fisheye Submarine


A good lomographer doesn’t leave their camera even under water!
Under the sea we off the hook, We got no troubles, Life is the bubbles, laralarala laralarala laralalá!

A good lomographer doesn’t leave their camera even under water!

The Soundtrack for this post is: UNDER THE SEA!

Some tips for underwater shooting with the Submarine

  1. IN THE SWIMMING POOL. As the water in pools is usually very clean, you can go with a low ISO if the sun is bright enough. Here you’ll see different films with differents results..
  2. IN THE SEA. The water is not as clear as in the pool and the light doesn’t go through it that well, and it will depend on the waves, so you should better use a higher ISO. But you know, it’s nice to brake the rules ;).
  3. IN THE EXPERIMENT. One day we got into the pool with clothes and shot with Ilford HP5 expired… Black and white gives the underwater shots something really special.

Let’s go swim, swim, glub!

written by susielomovitz on 2011-06-21 #gear #sea #underwater #submarine #review #swimming-pool #piscina #fisheye #mar #debajo-del-agua #bajo-el-mar
translated by susielomovitz


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Excellent series !

  2. dminilover
    dminilover ·

    Wow. Great shots!

  3. russheath
    russheath ·

    Awesome photos!!

  4. strellaaa
    strellaaa ·

    AYER lo recibí en mi casita!!! Tengo unas ganas de estrenarlo :D

  5. luplik
    luplik ·

    amazing, thanks for tips!

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