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You may have heard the excellent news that Lomography’s LomoLabs are now offering a mail order film developing service.
Finally a place that truly understands how to treat your analogue photos to perfection! I’ve used the LomoLab by mail service at the London store a few times now, see the results after the jump!

We have all been there, you’ve got your first Sprocket Rocket shots back but where are the sprockets? Your beautiful panoramic shots have been cut down middle to normal frame size. Your Redscale shots have been scanned back to front and colour corrected. The list goes one, a bad lab experience happens to us all eventually and it’s a true Lomo-crime!

Time to call in the LomoLab professionals!

Diana F+ & Fuji Pro 400H 120

The difference when using the LomoLab is clear to me. Each shot is lovingly processed, scanned and printed in-house by the guys at the gallery store meaning you get the best treatment for each of your images.

Sprocket Rocket & Kodak Elitecrome EB

I’ve been very impressed by the service I have received from the guys at the LomoLab when using mail-order developing. The shots included in this review have all been developed there.

Diana F+ & Lomography B&W 120

Using the mail service is simple.

1) Order a pre-paid mailer from the online store which then gets posted out to you.
2) Pop your films in the mailer and send them off on a Lomo adventure.
3) As soon as your film has been processed you receive a link via email to hi-res scans online.
4) One click and the scans are transfered to your LomoHome or you can download them as a .zip file if you’d prefer.
5) The prints, negatives and a cd of the scans then come back to you safely packaged up via 1st class post.

Easy as Lomo-pie! Mmm, pie.

The print quality of the images I have received has been great and the turn-around time of the Lab has been fast. I love the ease of being able to transfer your images to your LomoHome in just one click.

Using the London LomoLab’s mail-order service makes me smile!

Why not give the mail-order LomoLab service a try? It will blow your Lomography loving socks off!

Read more about the LomoLab and what services it can offer on the microsite

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  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    It looks like a really good service, but not cheap. Home processing is the way to go, although I just tend to scan rather than print now.

  2. camielioo
    camielioo ·

    is is for europe as well?

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