Top Bloggers Who Use Analogue Cameras: Part 1


After a while of thinking about who to feature in this article, I realised that I had too many favourite blogs I’d like to share. So here is the FIRST part of my list of top bloggers who use analog cameras. Enjoy!

As a blogger and analogue photographer, I am drawn to blogs where the writer uses analogue cameras and takes amazing photos. When I started to think about this article, I realised that there were quite a lot of blogs I read that combine both of those things… So here is part one of my list of top bloggers who use analogue cameras in no particular order:

Susannah Conway:

Susannah has an amazing blog which expresses her passion for photography, writing and her unravelling e-courses. A self confessed Polaroid addict and very proud aunt, Susannah’s blog is the perfect balance of creativity, wisdom and instant photography.

Much Love:

Written by the lovely Anna, Much Love is a blog that celebrates everyday things through photography and the sharing of amazing finds. As well as using a number of cameras, Anna uses a variety of films that let her share her view of Australia.

Here Comes the Sun:

Here Comes the Sun is the online scrapbook of inspiration of Amanda Thomas, which focuses on film photography, everything vintage, handmade products and fashion. She also documents her adventures with her Husband, who also shares her love for analogue photography.

Pugly Pixel:

Although Katrina’s blog is predominately a resource for web graphics, blog bling and tutorials, Pugly Pixel is also home to Katrina’s personal snapshots, which include her amazing Diana Mini photos.

The Holga Darkroom by Holga Jen:

Jen is a dedicated Holga fan, sharing amazing resources, fantastic interviews with other Holga users, and of course, her own gorgeous photos on her blog. A must see if you have the camera!

Green Tea Fields:

This blog is a delight and although not well known (yet), Michelle’s severe case of wanderlust, her addiction to film photography and romance with books are a wonderful read. Sharing her amazing photos of Singapore and other places she has visited, Michelle experiments with different cameras and films and documents it perfectly.

The Dead Format:

A Polaroid magician, DJ and retronaut, Cesar’s blog is all about beautiful and inspiring photography, great music playlists, and a gnome with the ability to make you smile whenever he appears on your screen. That’s pretty much everything that you want from a blog.


Fieldguided is a collection of thoughts, inspirations, DIY projects, love letters and stunning photos that you wish you had taken. With beautiful tones and attention to detail, Anabela shares her life through her blog wonderfully.

Everything Reminds Me of You:

Everything Reminds Me of You is the personal photography blog of Elle, also of Diana Mini Love fame. As well as taking photos with her Diana Mini fame, Elle experiments with her other analogue cameras, trying out new films and capturing the details of her life around London.

Erban: A random blog:

A fun, great blog by Ana, a 20-something super geek and engineer who loves taking photographs and has a silly Boston terrier and wiggly French bulldog. Whether posting her digital or analogue photos, Ana’s shots are fun and delightful with a passion and spark for life that shine through her entire blog.

Are you feeling inspired? I am!

Keep an eye out for part 2 of my top bloggers who use analogue cameras!

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