BMO Field Toronto FC Stadium: Where Fans Come to Play

Not a soccer club (or football as it’s called in most of the world) known for being one of the best in the world – you could say the fans are! “All for One” is the fan’s slogan and the team spit there is amazing. Most of us don’t go to see the team win, just to enjoy each others company, some good weather and huge pints of beer. You’ll have a blast, trust me.

Canada’s first Major League Soccer Team (the top professional soccer league in the United States of America and Canad) was born in 2007. While the TFC is by no top international club it is well know for its extremely supportive and enthusiastic. In fact they are legends for any new sports club trying to muster a following. Toronto fans have helped make the club one of the MLS’ most successful franchises right off the pitch. In fact its been been profitable since its first year with regular sellouts and sold-out seasons tickets. The fans are what make the games so enjoyable!

Every game is packed with people wearing some form of TFC merchandise – which I must say is really nice. Great souvenir for a visitor. The Reds as the TFC are called, pack almost 80000 seats every game at home and have a substantial group appearing at away games. In the Reds case, the fans are part of the attraction and you can’t help but have a great time being with them.

One of the most fun cheers fro the Reds is in french (don’t ask me why) and everyone goes mad singing it back and forth to the fan cheer leaders, which seem to be mostly volunteer.

Qu’est ce que vous chantez [Group 1]
Nous chantons les rouges allez [Group 2]
[Repeat 4x]

la la la la_la – la la_la la_la la la [Groups 1 & 2]
[Repeat 4x]

You can find a cheer list here

The stadium is located in Exhibition Place along the Toronto lake shore. On a game night you can see the seats packed with red and white while you drive along the Gardner Express Way into the city from the West. Really, get to a game if you possible can. I can’t promise you a win just a great time.

Here’s a good news source if you decide to become a Reds fan, Walking the Red
Toronto FC Wikipedia Entry

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