Ring Ring on the Photos of My Heart

Every photographer needs a trusty flash to have with them, but even more so, a Lomographer needs a flash that can go the distance.

What flash am I talking about, you ask? Why, the Lomography Ringflash of course!

With the Ringflash, you not only get one flash, you get four!!! So if you’re in the dark and you don’t think one flash could do the job, have no fear, the Ringflash will make your photos clear! Instead of using a regular flash, you can turn your snap shots of friends into amazing photos using the Ringflash. Each photo has a nice “halo” effect in the form of either a ring of light or a echoing shadow of your subject.

With the Ringflash, you get 3 ring color gels, as well as a solid white color gel ring to help mute the flash a tad so you don’t over expose your images. You also get a nice variety of single color gels that you can slip in front of each flash, causing your photo to be filled with beautiful colors.

Perhaps the best feature of this flash, is that it can be slipped on to a number of cameras, including the Fisheye 1 and Fisheye 2, the Diana F+, Holga, and the LC-A, using each cameras respective adapter.

Since the Diana does not have a hotshoe plug, you will have to have that adapter to use this flash on her, but its well worth the price.

Another nice feature is the fire button on the side for if you want different lighting effects than just a simple front shot.

Unfortunately, this Ringlash come with only a few of downfalls.

1. It’s very easy to overexpose your image. Be sure that if you are using this flash, that it is with a lower ISO film.

2. This flash is good for close shots, so keep this in mind when you are trying to set your focus.

3. No adapters for some of the other cameras like the Diana Mini (I remedied this by taking of the Ringflash adapters for the Fisheye, and drilling a whole in the bottom the size and location of the tripod hole is, and if you get a screw that fits the joint, you can attached if very effectively.

Again, if you need a flash that can go the distance, this flash “rings” true. I am sure you will enjoy it just as much as I have.

Lomo on!

written by jwhoa19 on 2011-06-27 #gear #review #accessory #lomography #color-splash #adapter #lomography-ringflash #user-review #requested #four-flashes #multicamera

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