Cabbagetown & Riverdale Farm: A Little Bit of the Victorian Age in Down Town Toronto

Looking for a Victorian adventure in the heart of Toronto? A great family spot, pick-nick location or bike ride destination. I could spend hours looking each and every home in Cabbagetown which is unique in its own way. Plus the getting to pet a goat is always awesome!

Cabbagetown’s name derives from the Irish immigrants who moved to the neighbourhood beginning in the late 1840s, said to have been so poor that they grew cabbage in their front yards. Today its know as being pretty swanky and very beautiful. The New York Times has described Cabbagetown as “the largest enclave of restored Victorian homes in North America” and I think it very well could be. You don’t need to be house shopping to have a great time looking around this part of town.

We took our bikes and decided to have a look at Riverdale Farm since its right in Cabbagetown anyways. We did not know what to expect as the place is always open and always free admission. For having these two features, it’s pretty amazing. It specializes in pioneer breeds of farm animals that are hard to find on commercial farms. Animals at the farm include poultry, waterfowl, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, donkeys, and horses. As well it has an original barn and the original farm house still in super condition. All this with the city center in the backdrop.

This is a great afternoon trip for out-of-towners or locals looking for somewhere to go on their bikes! Cabbagetown especially is a special part of the city with a lot of pride in those who dell there.

Cabbage Town Wikipedia Entry
Riverdale Farm Home Page

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