Gravity Park Constanta

Gravity Park Constanta is my favorite place in my hometown. Not only is it the biggest extreme sports complex in Romania, but it is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s the place where I can relax, have a great time, practice the sports I love and take funky photos with my Lomo cameras.

Gravity Park is located in my hometown of Constanta, on the shore of Tabacarie Lake. Having about 8500 sqm, it’s the biggest extreme sports complex in my country. It has 4 main areas (Skate Park, Trial, Climbing and Dirt Jump) connected by small alleys. Here you can practice rollerblading, skateboarding, climbing, bouldering, trial, dirt jump, BMX and MTB; however if you’re not into extreme sports but like to relax listening to good music, reading a good book on a bench, draw, take photos, or just hang around with your buddies, Gravity Park is the perfect place for you.

I like the inspiring atmosphere of Gravity Park and the chill out vibe that makes all my problems disappear! If I’m stressed out, I always go there, put my skates on or head to the climbing tower and all the negative energy disappears.

Gravity Park is at its best during the summer, when all sorts of contests are organized. The atmosphere is very lively and the colors of the place really pop out.

However, winter can also be fun, especially when it snows.

You can find out more about Gravity Park Constanta through its official Facebook Page

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