Diana Mini and Holga 120 Got Invited to a Wedding


I have just finished photography school and was asked by a good friend to shoot his wedding. In school, I got excited about film photography and the darkroom process, so when I found out I was going to shoot a wedding, of course it would be in digital, but I wanted to bring film back to the wedding scene.

On a beautiful Saturday in June, I went to photograph a wedding, my first wedding ever. Lucky for me, my birthday was the weekend before and I received a Diana Mini and a Holga. I was to shoot the wedding in digital, but I also used the Lomography cameras whenever I could. and got some really wonderful photos. Since the two cameras were new and I haven’t shot with them until the wedding, I was unfamiliar with how they worked and what the little tricks to them were, which made it even more exciting to get the film back.

The couple I photographed were more than pleased that I was shooting film, and they were just as excited as I was to see what we would get. The photos turned out well both in digital and on film. The double exposed photos were a complete accident. When I wound the film it, wouldn’t turn the around the whole way due to loading the film a bit wrong. However, they turned out great and that is what is so wonderful about shooting with plastic cameras—just having fun with it and see what you get. Next time you’re going to a wedding, don’t forget your Lomography cameras and have fun with them!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    nice shots :D

  2. pomps
    pomps ·

    they are surely happy with your photos!

  3. renenob
    renenob ·

    Great photos!

  4. vici
    vici ·

    You were very brave to use cameras you were not familiar with. You did a great job!

  5. lomolover16
    lomolover16 ·

    Oh wow, this review made me feel so much better! I'm new to film photography and I asked a question about what speed film to use in the Diana mini at a wedding. I got totally shot down (was called ignorant and pathetic for wanting to use a Diana mini/any toy camera at a wedding)...still haven't got an answer to my question though.

    I'm not a professional photographer at this really is just for the love of lomography so if anyone can suggest the best ISO to use, please do


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