Fisheye No. 2 - The Plan of Fisheye Service Pack

If people say the Fisheye likes to play games under the sun, then the Fisheye No. 2 should be an animal who loves to stay awake and keep making creations.

With 10cm – infinity focus range, the cheapest camera that has a 170 degree fisheye lens which can put the largest number of people into the picture, the Fisheye has so many advantages. However, Lomographers who love more variations just won’t be satisfied with this. Fisheye No. 2 was born this way!

The first time I held the Fisheye No. 2, I felt that it’s the combination of “cute” and “cold”. The external little fisheye viewfinder and the giant fisheye lens form a great and cute appearance that attracts many people’s attention (especially the pink version on my hand); silver metal case and lens look so tough and firm. Hold it and you will feel its cold temperature (even freezing in winter).

Compared to the nearly useless viewfinder on Fisheye, Fisheye No. 2’s external “eye-like” viewfinder can ease the composition of taking photos. It also helps me to explain how pictures will look like from the Fisheye No. 2. Let more people know, and even get addicted to the 170 degree wide camera!

Fisheye is the representative of “Don’t think, just shoot”, and the Fisheye No. 2 is a funny, creative magician!

The 2nd Gen of Fisheye has with many additional useful functions: the new L / N / B switch allows unlimited long exposure time (B) , more convenient to users who don’t use built-in flash like me, or taking night scene and light painting photos; Shutter Lock (L) lets me feel care-free as I won’t click the shutter by accident. Even you do so, nevermind, pull the MX buttom and the back of body, then you can put another image at the some frame of the film.

For the issue of flashing lights, besides the built-in flash that the Fisheye has, you can choose to remove the little-eye viewfinder, you can connect the flash you love with the standard flash hotshoe. If you want the picture of Fisheye No. 2 with balanced lighting, the Ringflash should be your first choice!

It’s interesting that the built-in flash is rear curtain sync one, and the external flash connected to the hotshoe is front curtain sync one. Just use the blue shutter and the flash sync feature, to create more fun for the pictures!

After reading this report, you may find nervous that it’s better to choose Fisheye or Fisheye No. 2

It’s always trouble to choose one out of two; if you find hard to make the decision, just bring them all into your lift!

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translated by cwyeung

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