DIY Red Scale Film: Under the Duvet No More


So you want to try red scale film but are having trouble to find one? No problem. Make one for yourself.

The redscale do-it-yourself version is not a new thing, much like sneaking under layers of a duvet, blanket or sleeping bag aren’t new tricks for DIY developing.

The things you will need are:

1. 2 films: one with film and another one without film in it (not totally empty, but with only a few centimetres film left)
2. Cellophane tape
3. Scissors
4. Camera

Okay, so here we go…

Step One
- Tape both films together using the cellophane tape.

Step Two
- Take out the spool.

Step Three
- Then put the emptied cassette on the left recess of the camera and another one on the right.

Step Four
- Mark the emptied cassette so you won’t forget which is which.

Step Five
- Close the back of the camera.
- Wind the rewind knob (the usual routine every time you’re done with the film).
- Keep on turning the knob and stop when it can no longer be turned.

Step Six
- It’s done! Open the back of your camera and your DIY red scale film is ready!
- You can snap a picture right away or cut it to use with another camera.

PS: Oh, and keep the emptied cassette. You might need it again in the future.

So the result…

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  1. rrohe
    rrohe ·

    That is ridiculously brilliant!

  2. mandecster
    mandecster ·

    u should try now..hehe

  3. kawee
    kawee ·

    very clever idea

  4. rachaelbethan
    rachaelbethan ·

    brilliant and fun!! can't wait to try it with my next roll!!

  5. daforl
    daforl ·

    how did you took the spool out?

  6. mandecster
    mandecster ·

    the spool is not fix with the camera...just take it out like you take out the film...hehe

  7. apeklowek
    apeklowek ·

    Genius..x yah nak duduk bwh selimut.. ttup smua tingkap..huu

  8. reginachew
    reginachew ·

    hi, it seems easy to do it, but i still abit blur... is that 2 films are the ordinary negative film?if im nt taking the film out from my camera, (at step six) i can take pic with 2 roll of films inside my cam??

  9. mandecster
    mandecster · only need 1 roll of film..the other one is an empty film just like you transfer the film to the empty film canister...

  10. sarahsulaiman
    sarahsulaiman ·

    hi, do we have to hold the shutter release while rewinding the film?

  11. mandecster
    mandecster ·


  12. reginachew
    reginachew ·

    if im nt taking the empty film canister out from my camera, (at step six) i'm actually taking pic with 2 film canister inside my cam?? ami got it right?

  13. mandecster
    mandecster · shoot with 2 film inside the camera..when it don't need to rewind the film..

  14. mandecster
    mandecster · shoot with 2 film inside the camera..when it don't need to rewind the film..

  15. mandecster
    mandecster · shoot with 2 film inside the camera..when it don't need to rewind the film..

  16. reginachew
    reginachew ·

    wao! sounds amazing! thank you for sharing ya~ =D

  17. sarahsulaiman
    sarahsulaiman ·

    200 iso redscale film , snap as usally? do we have to double the iso setting while shooting?:/

  18. mandecster
    mandecster ·

    @sarahsulaiman....yup, snap as usual..i'm not sure about the iso setting...but you can try it yourself and share with me if you get the answer..=)

  19. martek
    martek ·

    Did exactly the same and Ive shoot whole film backwards and got blank film afterwards?! any idea?

  20. mandecster
    mandecster ·

    emm..maybe there is a problem with the camea...check your shutter...what camera did you use?

  21. martek
    martek ·

    same as on your pictures.. smena 8m, did the exactly same thing couple of months ago and got blank film... what r camera settings when shooting backwards?

  22. chabankuh
    chabankuh ·

    When shooting redscale, you should overexpose the film by 1-2 stops. Like if you were shooting 400, you would expose like its 200, or even 100. But, the less you overexpose, the more red it is.

  23. mandecster
    mandecster ·

    @martex....emm..u should check on your shutter or the film is not moving..
    @chabankuh...nice one..thanks!!..before this i just follow with my instinct...hehehe..

  24. chabankuh
    chabankuh ·

    No problem, here is a good chart I found for redscaled 400:

  25. pitfall
    pitfall ·

    And that explains why my prints of Lomography Redscale are mirrored... LOL. I'm on my first redscale rolls, so I wasn't aware of it's inner workings... I shall forward this info to the lab where I develop them. Thanks! ^^

  26. reginachew
    reginachew ·

    Hi, friends.. i got a question.. i tried my very first Lomography Red Scale Film. but when i developed the photos, all the photos are mirrored! i dint noticed it until i saw the words on signboard are mirrored! is this scenario normal to all red scale film?

  27. mandecster
    mandecster ·

    hye @reginachew!!...yup it's normal. the film is mirrored because redscale use the other side of film..and when we developed it, the lab did not know that the film is used on the other, they scan it like usual. that's why the image is mirrored. if you want to change it back to normal, you can use any sofware that can filp the picture horizontally. i use Paint to flip the picture..=)

  28. reginachew
    reginachew ·

    Thanks @mandecster! =)

  29. glenn
    glenn ·


  30. jacekplacek
    jacekplacek ·

    Absolutely brilliant! :)

  31. cecile1138
    cecile1138 ·


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