True Colour of Lomography


Some people may see Lomography as a brand, while others may see it as creative photography. Few people may admit that they never heard of Lomography or Lomographic Society even once, or maybe some of them want to have a fun with toy cameras and found Lomography’s website.

For whatever reasons, Lomography has become sensation in the photography field around the world. And it’s growing every day, every single minute.

Journey to find self-satisfaction in photography field brought me here. Meet and make a “friend” from Lomography is one of sweetest experiences in my entire life. But in some ways, I really miss the true color of Lomography when some people compare it with another form of photography, and even if they don’t really know what is Lomography all about. Maybe, me neither.

When I met my first camera, the Diana Mini, a couple of years back, I never thought that I’d become so enthusiastic about Lomography. In fact, I never heard the word “lomo” or even related things about Lomography before. My first meeting even happened by coincidence. Since then, I fell in love with this Lomography camera and tried to find some space in my local Lomography movement. But somehow I found that unorganized movement can’t bring any benefits or excitement, especially to newbie like me.

So, I started to do some research regarding Lomography and I found some wonderful photos, guides and tips regarding this matter. And I became so obsessed to explore more and more.

But somehow, I found that to some people, Lomography means nothing but an effect or filter for their photographic works, no more than that. And later they named it as “lomo-effect”.

They tried to achieve this effect because they love it. They feel content with that saturated color effect on their photos without attempting to achieve it naturally using a toy camera or Lomographic camera. When I asked them why they never use a Lomographic camera to achieve better results, they refuse it with so many reasons. But somehow, I know they really love the “Lomo-effect”, especially when I showed some of my photos.

Lomography is not all about effects, filter, or color, or saturation and contrast, or even vignette on your photos. In fact, it’s about passion, obsession, community, and lifestyle. When people start to cross the threshold of Lomography, they actually enter a new dimension of life, where people see photography differently. Taking photos becomes not so serious anymore: choose the subject, angle, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, sharpness or whatsoever. Somehow, Lomography teaches people to have fun snapping photos and make it memorable.

“Lomo-effect” is not so important because Lomography doesn’t mean to snap great saturated or contrasted photos. Lomography teaches people to have fun, make new friends, and make Lomography part of life, not as an interference.

That’s what Lomography is all about, bringing enjoyment in our lives, keep us smiling when snapping the photos and make it remarkable, gathering with another Lomographer, and have some sweet chit-chat. But nowadays, to some Lomographers as well, Lomography is all about delivering saturated blue, green, or yellowish tones without thinking about the real colors of Lomography: warmth and loveliness.

I really hope that Lomography not only can bring joy and fun for ourselves, but make people around the world unite to each other; even difference races, religion, political perspectives, we should gather as one, as LOMOGRAPHERS. And this is the true meaning of Lomography: friendship and love!

written by pikc on 2011-07-11 #people #lifestyle #malaysia #lomography #analogue-lifestyle


  1. matej_mjaw
    matej_mjaw ·

    Beautiful article! <3

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    great article indeed! :)

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    @dondonnie: aku kenal ayat tu!

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    Couldn't agree more! Great article.

  9. pikc
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    @markmarx: Thanks!

  10. eva_eva
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    This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!Let's go out for outing someday!:D

  11. pikc
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    @eva_eva; Ok, maybe next outing, we will inform you.

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    good article. mind inviting me too for outing? hahaha :D

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  14. -puifun-
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    It's true~ like like like!

  15. kiwikoh
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    Pal....I'm so lomo love you....XD

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    foodeanz ·

    i feel like i'm sitting at the beach whiile reading this article...Love = Lomo!!! mind inviting me too for outing?

  17. kshen
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    great article fellow malaysian! I knew the photos looked familiar!

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    guei bace sambil lap tisu kat lens..(xde kaitan) guud job bro..:)

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    Well written! Thank you for this

  21. pikc
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    @-puifun- : Hahahaha.

    @kiwikoh ; I lomo love you too, pal!

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    @kshen ; thanks dude, spread lomo love to all Malaysians!

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  23. pikc
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    @lomo-chef : Terima kasih. Love you too.

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    Perfect article! Thanks for reminding everyone<3

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    A fantastic photo!

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  30. coolsigg
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    well said! Lomo on!

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    Agree - very nice article + very nice photos :)

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  35. skrutt
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    Agree with the rest, nice article, and nice photos! :D
    And I think its lovely that people use the lomo-effect in their iphone or whatever, but I get a bit mad too, because they think they are so cool, using effects! They should really try the real thing, to see the beautie in lomography!

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