Brand New Plastic-Fantastic Splitzer for Sprocket Rocket!!!


Here is a simple way to handcraft a fantastic splitzer for your Sprocket Rocket!

After seeing lots of great photos taken with the Diana + Splitzer, I felt the need to have a splitzer for use with the Sprocket Rocket. I’d already read the article on how to build a paper one, but since I am the clumsiest person on earth, I would probably have to craft one every week – if not one a day!

And so, I began to wander around the whole house, looking for something that would fit perfectly on the lens of my Sprocket Rocket… and then… mmmm… a TAP! I have a house full of aquariums (my other passion) so I’ve got lots of cans of fish foods of different sizes!

I undid all the caps and tried a few, and to my surprise and happiness, I found one that ALMOST fit good…

Making this splitzer is shockingly easy, provided you are very cautious in handling the tools to use (if you cut your finger, do not say it’s my fault. Be careful!)

You will need:
1) a file
2) a cutter
3) a tap from the brand Tropical fish food, 300ml

1) Take the tap.
2) Take the file.
3) Shape the thread that tightens the tap to the can.
4) File a little at a time, trying from time to time to place it on the lens.
5) When you see that the cap fits perfectly, of course, stop filing (do not trap it too much, otherwise you might break it!)
6) Turn the cap. On the lower face of it, draw the exact diameter with a pen.
7) With the utility knife, cut along the traced line.
8) Finish cutting along the edge of the underside of the cap (this part will be highly intuitive, it is easier to do than to say).
9) Clean off the dust.
10) Here comes your new Splitzer! ENJOY!

PS: I covered mine with black electrical tape, just because I prefer the splitzer in black.

written by kingdjin on 2011-07-01 #gear #tutorials #splitzer #multiple-exposure #rocket #tipster #lomography #sprocket #handicraft #sprocket-rocket
translated by kingdjin


  1. kingdjin
    kingdjin ·

    thanx for the likes people! :)

  2. indierata
    indierata ·

    Habia pensado en hacer uno para mi Diana mini. Si lo hago lo publico. :)

  3. kingdjin
    kingdjin ·

    Anda ya! Hazlo y publicalo! :)

  4. bellsinthesky
    bellsinthesky ·

    Using the tap is a GREAT idea. Thanks!!

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