Tai Kok Tsui Ferry Pier and Dike, Hong Kong

With tenement housing, light industrial buildings, and a sea view of luxury properties all mixed together in the same area, Tai Kok Tsui is a very busy and crowded place in Hong Kong. Have you ever thought that there exists a very peaceful and quiet corner in this area that have long been forgotten by others?

Tai Kok Tsui Ferry Pier was located at areas around the Olympic Station but the pier was disassembled in 1992 due to the West Kowloon Reclamation Project. Though the pier doesn’t exist anymore, we still call this place, “Tai Kok Tsui Ferry Pier”.

I decided to go for a walk with my LC-A+ the other day just to regain some peace of mind. Just wanted to find a quiet place to soothe my heart. When everybody was rushing for Wing Lee Street, I have chosen to go to Tai Kok Tsui instead. While walking along the harbour, we saw many people fishing there. One or two fishing boats which approached and anchored along the shoreline, together with the pleasant scenery of Victoria Harbour, made a marvelous picture. Though the smog blurred the view of Victoria Harbour to a certain extent, it still looked calm and peaceful.

At the end of the ferry pier is a dike made of rocks of different sizes and shapes, and there is a lighthouse at the end of the dike. Actually, for those who have a fear of heights and lacks balancing instincts like me, it’s not an easy task to walk through the dike to the lighthouse. Trying to be as careful as I could while walking on the dike, I finally succeed to find my way to the lighthouse. Ooh lala…it really is worth a try! It was just like being surrounded by the sea at the lighthouse, enjoying the refreshing breeze, and whistle from the fishing boats, all of these made me so relaxed and peaceful. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. Unfortunately, the sky was not that clear on that day and so I had to come back sometime later for that magical moment.

A very peaceful place, a corner that has long been forgotten by others…I just left my heart’s burden here, and continued on with my life’s journey.

You can go to Olympic Station by bus or MTR, take Exit E, walk along the harbour ’til you see One Silversea and you’re already there.

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translated by gateau

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