Tina the Smena!


This is a story (review) about getting to know my new friend that you may find familiar!

For a while I had been intrigued by the Smena 8M! The simplicity of both the shooting and the camera itself, so when the day came to finally getting around to ordering one I was very excited!

When she finally came to my possession I was automatically in love, but I had NO IDEA how to figure out the film counter… and puzzled over it for some long time, before finally coming to the conclusion of shoving a roll through it and just ignoring the numbers on the marker, see how it comes out!

I chose to use one of my lesser favourite rolls of film in case it did go wrong, so my redscale it was, and it worked out in my favour with the ‘oldtown’ look:

These photos were from my first roll and I love how they turned out! The grain and the colours, multi exposures were easy to manage and the simple controls calls for quick shots!

Next up is to shove a roll of colour through it to see how the colours come out, and get more experimental as you don’t achieve automatic ‘lomography’ looks as with the LC-A and Diana F+!

Tina the Smena is now a crucial part of my growing collection of cameras and that’s the way it will stay! :D

written by warrilow-tong on 2011-06-24 #gear #review #smena-8m #lomography #film-camera #user-review #requested


  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    The film counter is qutie easy, but you have to "calibrate" it first -- simply push the counter to 0 when you start a new roll and every time you advance, the counter should turn an entire 360 degrees, pass the previous count, and land on the next count (i.e Pass 0 and land on 1) Hope that works! :)

  2. fischkombinat
    fischkombinat ·

    I had the same confusion but then decided to just don't care for that and to shoot and shoot and shoot.

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