Otaru Canal: Take a Romantic LomoWalk


The peaceful atmosphere of Otaru makes it the most romantic place in Hokkaido. After sunset, when all the visitors leave the scenic spots, try to take a LomoWalk along the Otaru Canal in a starry night, and I’m sure that no one could resist such dreamy, romantic moments!

Since much ancient architecture is well preserved, the antique atmosphere of Otaru can thus be retained; buildings constructed from Japanese time Meji ’til the early years of Shiaowa are being protected systemically, so that when we walk through the streets and lanes there, we’re just like traveling in Otaru in the old days.

Take a LomoWalk along the Otaru Canal and visit hot spots for travelers such as shops selling glassware and accessories, shops selling music-boxes, museums, cafés famous for their delicious dessert, traces of the Ancient Japanese Railway (守宮線跡地) and Otaru Warehouse (小樽倉庫). During weekend, there are lots of stalls selling handmade accessories, decorations and paintings along the Canal. There are quite a lot of restaurants which are famous for their tasty Sushi, but most of them are located a bit far away from the Canal. We did have some yummy sushi at Masazushi (政壽司) last time!

Some may think that Otaru Canal looks great under sunset, but I’d prefer its look in complete darkness-it just looks as gorgeous as a piece of black diamond! Elegant while keeping a low profile, its sparkling radiance just make us can’t take our eyes off it! Otaru in autumn, though without snow, it’s still the best place for shooting night scenery with its crystal clear starry sky, cool weather and peacefulness.


Take the JR from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station, and walk for 10 minutes ’til you see the Canal. Usually, there are 5 to 6 JR trains running between Sapporo and Otaru per hour, and the traveling time for fast train and slow train are 32 and 50 minutes, respectively. If you have a JR Rail Pass or Sapporo-Otaru Welcome Freepass, you can take the trains without any extra charge.

You could get to other scenic spots in Otaru simply on foot.

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