Review: Kodak Portra 400VC 35mm


Great film with lovely colours!

Kodak Portra 400VC is one of the films that I really wanted to try but it seems so hard to find it around my area! Hence I decided to buy online from the Lomography Shop along with some other films.

The film itself has a really professional looking designed canister, giving it an air of exclusivity. I chose VC over NC to see how well will the colours turn out, and I wasn’t disappointed over the results.

I used this film on my Sprocket Rocket and it performs comfortably with the Portra due to its ISO400 speed, which renders almost anything in daylight with proper exposure. Water reflections, flowers and bright sunny skies are pleasant subjects to shoot using this film!

I continued shooting using this film at Singapore, and the shots turn out pretty amazing too. I tried a couple of night time bulb shots as well, and it seems that the colours are more vivid in this situation. Or either just the subjects I shot are pretty colourful!

This is a great film to use, no doubt — but I would like to try it again on a different, better camera, probably like a Nikon FM2, which I suppose it will perform even greater!

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  1. morty
    morty ·

    True on the "hard to find" part ;p

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