Tips for 4 Lenses

Lomgraphy has 2 4-lensed cameras: the Actionsampler and the Supersampler. I’ve had the pleasure of using them both, and here are a few quick tips and ideas based on my experience.

1. Use the 2 time modes on the Supersampler to your advantage. Generally, while it may sound weird, I try to use the faster speed for still things, to prevent moving too much and breaking up the pattern in the shot, and the slower speed for faster things, so that the movement between frames is more pronounced. Know, though, that this only changes the timing of the shutters, not the actual shutter speed.

Slow speed:

Fast speed:

2. Keep your fingers clear! Nothing makes me sadder than using my Actionsampler and seeing pictures I ruined with my finger getting in the way of a lens. Hold both cameras with your fingers well out of the way.
3. Try keeping in mind the displacement of the lenses on the Actionsampler. You get 4 shots from 4 perspectives. Use this to your advantage.
4. The Supersampler can overexpose 100 ISO film in direct, glaring sunlight, so be careful when shooting out in the open on a very clear day.

This is pretty blown out, but cool-looking:

This was the same day, in the shade, and is better exposed:

5. If you want a clearer shot, try to make sure that only you or your subject is moving. Both you and the subject moving together can come out so blurry, you don’t know what it was (unless you like that kind of thing, in which case, more power to you!).
6. Mixing multilens cameras for double exposure rolls is fun. Very fun. One of my favorite doubles rolls I’ve ever done was accidental Supersampler x Actionsampler mixing, and it was so cool. Even if you only use one in the process, it adds a cool geometric quality to your shots and makes them more visually interesting.

An example from my doubles with kylethefrench:

7. Shoot quickly! Both cameras are point and shoot and advance quickly. Take advantage and stay on your toes. Quick reflexes are key if you’re capturing action.

Happy shooting!

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