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This April my band, The Sure Things traveled from Toronto to Winnipeg to play some shows with local bluegrass heroes, The Magnificent 7s. Had a great time playing music and taking lomographs!

In April, 2011, my band The Sure Things, traveled from Toronto to Winnipeg to play some shows with local Winnipeg bluegrass heroes The Magnificent 7s.

Credits: stevebarberoffice

After a long drive from Toronto, we settled into our home away from home in Winnipeg. Our first day in town, we had a night off. My band mates headed out to watch the hockey game, but I was keen to check out legendary local live music bar The Times Change, High and Lonesome Club (234 Main St.). I have heard about this bar from many musicians who have traveled through Toronto and was eager to check it out. I decided to walk through Winnipeg to the venue with my Diana Mini at my side.

Credits: stevebarberoffice

I arrived at The Times Change in time to catch local musician Keith Dick and bar owner John Scoles performing Bob Dylan songs in honour of his 70th birthday. Great times and great music.

Credits: stevebarberoffice

The next night my band performed at another infamous local live music venue, “The Standard Tavern” (61 Sherbrooke St.), opening for local faves Andrew Neville and The Poor Choices, who have performed here every night for 6 years! Much beer, music and pinball followed.

Credits: stevebarberoffice

So if you are ever looking to visit a town with a fantastic local live music scene, I would highly recommend a trip to Winnipeg to visit The Times Change and The Standard Tavern.

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  1. usxdesign
    usxdesign ·

    I was born and raised 10 years in Winnipeg, now I live in France, and the few memories I have are great ones

  2. cameratalk
    cameratalk ·

    Ahhh Winnipeg. People Are so harsh on it We have a huge Art Community Folk fest ,RWB, The Symphony, And so many Great Local bands and Film makers ( Guy Madden, Astron 6) ect, And now with the hockey team It is starting to feel like a real city. Winnipeg's Picking up! Who know Chicagou of the north may not be to far of!

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