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It’s Father’s Day again. Around this time I’d usually be stressing about what present to bring and moaning at my younger brother for trying to claim some of the hard work I put into my present… but this year is different. This year I focused less on what to give and more on who I was giving it to.

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Father (noun):
1. A man who is the parent of a human being, or a male animal that has produced offspring

It sounds pretty scientific to me. But it’s much more than that.

My father is the second child and first son of his mother. He was born and grew up in Cameroon with our HUGE family. He met my mother while they were in school. He left Cameroon to study abroad in England. He got a job in electronic engineering first at Ericsson then at Sony. He had me — his first child. And then he had that other guy…my younger brother :P He’s even recently been appointed the head of our family clan (kind of like the king of our tribe) following his dad who passed away.

But again, it’s much more than that.

Credits: ingwaybee

My dad used to take photographs. Analogue photographs. So many old treasures stored in albums. Some experimental, some social, some so good they should be in magazines.

And when we looked through them together I was in awe, Dad. Not by your technique, not even by the photos, but by your life.

The places you saw, the people you were with, the things that you experienced. Lately I’ve been so down: too shy to live then hard on myself because of it and sad because of the time I wasted, before wondering if I had the strength to change.

But I looked at your photographs and I was inspired. Inspired to experience and capture my own memories. And even though you don’t quite understand why I “trouble myself” (his words not mine) with analogue photography and can’t just dive into the digital world, you still respect me enough to let me make my own choices. You encourage me and you nourish me. You share your wisdom — even though I’m often too independent to ask :) You inspire me more than you know, Dad. You inspire me to live.

Thank you for everything,
Your daughter

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    Nice Dad!

  2. panchromatic
    panchromatic ·

    What a cool guy!

  3. ingwaybee
    ingwaybee ·

    Thanks for the likes and comments guys :)

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