Fuji Sensia 100: Life through Pink Glasses


Paint your photos pink and purple.

This was my first film on the way to the discovery of the world of x-pro .I have used this slide film to shoot outdoor. When I got back the slides I thought, “Wow, good colors, sharp and bright images. A good film for general purpose photography. Minimal grain, nice vibrant colours and low contrast, and it is very cheap.”

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Sensia is one of the most popular slide films; it is easy to find on sale, easy to try, and easy to imagine what awaits you. All shades of pink, from gentle to aggressive bright, purple and red. Very often, the result may be different, depending on your Laboratories—colors vary from yellow to green, sometimes pictures get a little color without changing the color completely. I recommend that you use the flash with colored filters—to get more in different colors in the photos, but do not approach the subject is too close, your shots will be too light.

When I photograph using the LC-A, I use the 200 ISO setting. I think it allows you to make the color not so “thick” and more contrast-y. But in any case, you get the pleasure of shooting unusual photos.

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Then you can try different versions of this film. There are 200 ISO and 400 ISO versions, and the results are quite different. But remember the humble charm of the Sensia 100, soft pink color and a positive memory that it has retained.

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