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Late last year, I received an e-mail from author Matthew Bamberg asking me to use some of my Lomographs and maybe interview me for a new photography book he was writing. Now, a few months later, the book is finally out, and with a whole chapter dedicated to Lomography!

The name of the book is “New Image Frontiers: Defining the Future of Photography.” Matthew Bamberg is the author of various photography books, this one included, mostly about digital photography. But in this particular case, the analogue world and the Lomography movement have won their rightful places!

Addressing the basics of photography as they are applied to defining photography’s future, the book’s content is culled from a number of important industry resources as well as interviews with master photographers and gallery owners.

The book is also for anyone contemplating a new camera purchase. It covers every type of camera—point-and-shoots, dSLRs, Micro-Four-Thirds systems (MFTs) and camera phones that are sold today with predictions about how they will change in the future. Descriptions of the latest cameras and lenses include their specs (sensor size, resolution, focal lengths) with explanations about how each spec value affects picture-taking and predictions as to how these specs will change in the future.

However, the best chapters are 14 and 15. In chapter 14, titled “The Lomography Movement,” Bamberg talks about the spectacular job Lomographers have achieved in bringing Film Photography back to life, and making it popular. It explains the basics of how Lomography came to be what it is today, and also features an interview with Lomographer reneg88.

Chapter 15 “Film, Film Cameras, and Film Photography” gives a rundown of analogue film cameras, from today’s and yesterday’s Diana F+ clones, to tomorrow’s Medium-Format Film/Digital Option of the Leaf Aptus-II.

I was very happy and honored when Matthew Bamberg asked me to participate by sharing my Lomographs and a few words about the wonderful world we’ve created at Lomography! I hope more and more people want to feature Lomography and the analogue movement in the modern photography world. Long live LOMO!

Oh! I almost forgot! You can buy a copy of the book at amazon.com or other online book stores!

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    That's great to hear that Lomography has a full chapter in a book about the future of photography!! Congrats René for being representing lomography in this book!!! :))

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