Taylor Jones Brings the Past into the Future


The world might consider old school photographs a product of the good old times, but Tayler Jones uses his blog to show that the old and the new can be fused together to create a fantastic fresh image.

“Why can’t I concentrate this hard anymore?”

The idea behind it is new, but after only three weeks, the very popular tumblr blog came to Taylor Jones, a Kitchener, Ontario native, by accident.

“I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Mom, Dad and brothers, looking at an old family album. I pulled a picture out of the album, held it up, and realized it was in the exact same range and place from where I was sitting. Eureka! Took a picture!” Taylor said.

“I looked good in a tux.”
“I’ll always remember the summers in that truck.”

On the blog dearphotograph.com, Taylor posts new images daily, by now not just his – readers may submit as well. All pictures are of an old analogue photograph shot at the same angle and from the same distance as when the old photo was taken, giving the viewer a glimpse into the past. Charming quotes and memories round up the daily posts.

Photos: dearphotograph.com
Additional Source: mashable.com

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  1. elletra
    elletra ·

    I love how you can see how the trees have grown in the second photo!

  2. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    I've moved too many times since I was a little girl, though I'd love to try something like this!

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