Re-Cap: Austin Sailed Away With La Sardina


Yeehaw and Ahoy! Texas braved 101 degree temperatures to celebrate La Sardina unfurling her sails and weighing anchor into Lomograph-Seas. We partied on a bridge overlooking Lady Bird Lake and you couldn’t make us smile harder if you had talked about shore-leave.

We are still developing all the photos taken by the Lomographers testing out these new buties, but we just had to show you how much fun we had. There were nautical costumes galore and sea shanties performed by the lovely Denise.
We reeled in a few whoppers while chatting with lomographers and passers-by about the new camera modeled after the humble sardine can.
There was a game of “Fishing for Film” that everyone thought was child’s play till they took their turn. There was some fierce faces and focused rods and reels to be sure.
The costumes ranged from fishermen and women to ships to Dog Fish! Max the Lomography-Pup made another appearance!
In the end the SS Lomo won the La Sardina Marathon edition. She came all the way from Houston for the launch. It seems the Texas Lomograph-amily extends far!
All and all we came, we fished, we snapped, and we walked away with fishy film fantasies.

Stay tuned for the pictures we snapped with the La Sardinas, soon.

written by lomo-camkage on 2011-06-17 #news #event #austin #texas #nautical #la-sardina #camera-launch


  1. ej_enriquez
    ej_enriquez ·

    Fun, fun fun to meet everyone!

  2. megzeazez
    megzeazez ·

    It was a blast! Totally worth braving the heat.

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