LomoWalk at Hokkaido University (Sapporo,Japan)


Hokkaido University, which is located close to the Sapporo JR Station is surrounded by an artistic and highly cultured atmosphere. Take a LomoWalk at the campus and you could feel it everywhere.

Aside from the Clock Tower, Fish Market, TV Tower, Hokkaido Ramen, Shiroi Koibito and delicious desserts, what makes Sapporo such an impressive place for you?

For me, it’s the amazing experience of taking a LomoWalk at the campus of Hokkaido University that makes this place so unforgettable.

Hokkaido University has the largest campus among all universities in Japan. With promenades lined with Alder Wood and Ginkgo Trees, a large piece of grassland and a petite river that runs through the whole campus, makes it a great work of Mother of Nature. Historical and classical architecture can be found everywhere in the campus, which makes perfect pictures with the green environment. While taking the LomoWalk, we just can’t help shooting nonstop!

Green leaves start turning red and yellow in November, making the campus look even more gorgeous; it’s just the perfect place for a romantic LomoWalk!

Just a quick reminder:
Wanna take in the freshest air in Hokkaido? Please come and take a walk at the university campus in the morning after breakfast, so that both your mind and soul can be completely relaxed and be prepared to start a whole day’s work/journey.

Take the North Exit of Sapporo JR Station, walk for 10 minutes and you’ll see the entrance of Hokkaido University.


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translated by gateau


  1. bulletofmine
    bulletofmine ·

    what a lovely shot, I wish I could go there someday!

  2. ake
    ake ·

    i love early morning walks and this definitely is a must...wish i could go there!

  3. gateau
    gateau ·

    @bulletofmine: thanks a lot! It's indeed a very nice place!
    @ake: I wanna be there again too! :)

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