Varsovia: From Warszawa with Love


My personal view of the Polish city, a symbol for their country of resistance. A city of contrasts between ancient and thoroughly modern. A place where foreigners will feel like citizens as well.

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Warsaw is the largest city in Poland and its capital since 1596. Famous for its historic center which was destroyed in 1944 and rebuilt later. In 1980, it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Furthermore, Warsaw is one of the major economic, financial and cultural of centers of Europe. The Vistula is the river that makes up Warsaw axis, forming the city on both sides. And creating a city of contrasts between tradition and modernity.

Warsaw’s historic center is characterized by its small houses with walls of different colors which are distributed in places, its characteristic Square Royal Castle in Warsaw. Getting lost in its streets, alleys, pasajes and courtyards is really quite an exciting adventure, dive into Poland and immerse yourself in the history of the Polish people which is marked by suffering, but also by the struggle to live the fight for freedom.

Credits: carlosbull

In the other side, you can find the modern Warsaw, which is full of skyscrapers that may seek to show the ability of the city and the country for up to improbé – to be equal to any other European country (and of course, they are). Noteworthy is the Palace of Culture and Science, which visitors can go to and enjoy great views of the city from 236 meters.

You can also get lost in the big avenues, where you can find remains of the past, because there are many buildings with some memory of the Soviet times or in semi-ruined restoration, which is the reflection of the history of a country.

Credits: carlosbull

The city is bursting with life on all four sides, its crowded streets, filled with people and shops (from the most famous international brands to those of second hand, alternative art galleries) that welcome visitors gladly.

Personally I have to admit that I fell in love with Poland, its people, its culture, its cities…and Warsaw, a city of contrasts and history.

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