Lomo LC-Wide Enters and Breaks Into My Life

The new Lomo LC-Wide presented on Thursday May 19th offers great news and great opportunities to unleash the imagination.

One of the new features of the Lomo LC-Wide is its high quality 17mm Minigon lens. This lens is treated to obtain well saturated colors and contrast ranges desired by any lomographer.

During the past two months I have been so lucky and I’ve had the luck to try this little gem. The camera shows that behind it there are many hours of research and work. New features have been introduced, they allow us to make double exposures, work with different types of format, add masks, keep doing long exposures and multiple tricks that everyone will discover as you become familiar with it.

Agfa color negative PRO200

One of the things I have seen especially in the last reel I’ve made is that the slightly shorter viewing display. This means that what we see through the viewfinder is slightly smaller than what is captured by the 17mm lens.

The trick is to get closer to your subject and feel part of the scene. It becomes the perfect camera to tell great stories, to be in action and to feel the pure reality.


The exposure meter is similar than of her twin sister. He works tirelessly. Sometimes I have used it and set a slightly lower ASA value of the film that I’ve used. This options gives me the opportunity to get negative in more detail in the shadows and slightly overexposed, a very interesting trick for photographs against the light.

I have always worked in standard 24×36mm, is the one I like the most for proportions. It’s also interesting to work with square format and frame format media, who like a lot. It’s also a good way to get more photos on a 36 exposures roll. Here are the new features of the Wide:

Black and white.

In my opinion, it’s the perfect camera to carry everyday, to feel comfortable with and enjoy shooting both close-ups, portraits or landscapes. Is a discreet camera, elegant, robust, compact, quiet, light, that you can carry in your hand and sometimes it’s so sexy. Makes you know lots of people and flirt when they ask you: Is it digital?

One question what I always answer:
“The future is analogue, Sir!”

Go Lomography, Long Live the Lomo LC-Wide!

written by pasqualecaprile on 2011-06-24 #gear #review #presentation #lomo #lomography #user-review #requested #angular #lc-wide #mysterious-camera
translated by carlosbull

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