Wedding Day Instants: How To Get Memories Straight Away On Your Special Day

Instant photography is a great and personal way to capture the unique moments on your special day. You’ll get intimate snapshots and your guests can add personal hand-written messages too – And the best bit? You won’t have to hire a wedding photographer; your guests can take the photos and have a great time doing it!

The Perfect Day In An Instant – Photo by mandashitley

The fun of Instant Wedding Photography

There is a traditional image of wedding photography as a very organized part of your big day. After the ceremony, the bride and groom are ushered into a special area and told how to stand, where to look and what to hold as their photos are taken. Then the other guests are grouped together into families and positioned before their wedding shots are taken.

But more and more people are looking for an alternative kind of photography to capture their wedding – They want something more spontaneous, organic and, well, fun! There are various alternatives to the traditional ‘staged’ wedding photography formula but none capture the unique memories in quite the same way as instant photographs.

Say Cheese! Photo by stonerfairy

The Budget Friendly Option

There’s no denying that professional wedding photographers will usually take fantastic shots of your big day – But the problem is that these photographers usually come at quite a steep price too. Handing out a few instant cameras to your guests dramatically reduces your wedding day photography costs and opens up various creative possibilities at the same time.

Food-Filled Memories – Photo by mandashitley

Personal Memories

Having instant cameras is a great way to get intimate snaps of the wedding party – Your guests are likely to capture intimate scenes that no professional photographer would or could. With instant photos you’ll get personal snapshots which capture the unique moments of your wedding day and won’t have to fork out for the photographer to hang around.

Overcome By Happiness – Photo by adbigmilk

An Instant Wedding Guestbook

Setting up a wedding guestbook of instant photos will give you memories of the day to look through as soon as you step off the aisle and into your honeymoon suite. Ask your guests to snap away with instant cameras and write personal, handwritten messages on the instant photos they take. They can write messages of good wishes, poems, song lyrics, anything! This instant way of creating a wedding guestbook will give you a truly personal keepsake of the day from your friends and family.

Capture The Special Moments – Photo by quaisoir

Get Experimental On Your Special Day

With the Lomography LC-A Instant Back+ and Diana Instant Back+, the creative possibilities for your instant wedding day snaps become limitless – Just attach the instant back to your LC-A+ or Diana F+ camera and it will instantly be transformed into an instant camera which shoots Fuji Instax Film! You can mash up 2 wedding day photos in one instant shot with the LC-A+ Splitzer or Diana+ Splitzer. Or produce wide-angle wedding instants with the LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens and Diana + 38mm Super Wide Lens- You’re sure to get some truly crazy wedding snaps!

For spur-of-the-moment pictures that can’t wait to be seen and loved, our Instant Cameras will do its job in giving you your shots in no time! Check out our selection here.

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