Lomography Redscale 35mm Review

An interesting and varied film that any analog fan should give a try.

I finally got around to buying some 35mm Lomography Redscale film and loaded it into my simplest camera, a Fisheye No.1 in a wonderfully ghastly Peter-Stringfellow’s-Jacket-Gold livery. I had no idea what to expect or if the Fisheye was up to the job, but I shot around like a madman anyway around the picturesque city of Lichfield (Staffs, UK).

Redscale film, for those who are new to it, is colour film spooled on the wrong side, creating a strange and addictive overbalance of colours on the red end of the spectrum. Humdrum photos are bathed in reds, yellows, oranges and contrasting black to create images that, due to the warped colour scheme are suddenly fascinating. If you are planning on using some, while the camera I used (Fisheye) wasn’t the greatest, I do love the combination of warped colours and the unusual-ness of the fisheye lens combined. I know that seemingly everyone on this website has a Fisheye of some description, but there are some out of the Lomo bubble that still find Fisheye snaps unusual!

The film is C-41 processable and can therefore be developed pretty much anywhere cheaply. I paid a touch over £5 for 36 small prints and a CD-ROM (meaning there is no extra charge for Redscale). Definitely, if you get prints use glossy paper. Lustre takes all of the vibrancy out of the pictures.

If you can find it cheaply, it’s certainly worth a go. It’s not going to live in your camera all of the time, it’s rubbish in any weather that isn’t blazing sunshine and it can be a pain in the backside to visualize what the image you’re snapping will look like in the end. However, as these results (hopefully!) show, the odd image proves that a little experimentation with redscale can jump-start life into any 35mm camera you may be bored with. I’m going to go off and give it a little go in my Smena 8M and hope for some interesting shots.

Thanks for reading :)

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