The First-Hand Tasting Report of La Sardina ~ MEOW!


Meow~meow~meow~ That’s how I met La Sardina. We fell in love from that day!

On that day…

Are you looking at me? I know I’m beautiful while sleeping.

It get closer and closer to me. What? Stay away from me!

Its friend the LC-A+ kept on shooting… So noisy!

  • Okay! I’ll try it once. Let me sleep afterward!
  • Um… You are mine from now on! (Calming down, fell in love in fact.)

Add dialogues and create stories after taking some funny photos! XD You also have some funny photo stories? Let’s share to others! Here some sidelights of that day. Don’t miss any chances to record anything in daily lives! Let’s expect the unexpected!

written by merryandrew on 2011-07-05 #gear #review #hong-kong #cats #lomography #film-camera #tai-o #user-review #la-sardina
translated by merryandrew


  1. the_detourist
    the_detourist ·

    AWESOME CATS! (and great texture on the steps/stone as well!)

  2. therikster
    therikster ·

    Adorable!! :)

  3. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    can't go wrong with cats :D

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