You've Got To Fight... For Your Right... To Paaarty!


Creating a new camera is a lot of work. All the cogs in the Lomography machine need to be well coordinated in order to produce a final product. Whether a person works for the design team, the marketing team, or the retail team, everyone at Lomography has a part in making a camera launch exciting and successful for the community.

And after all that hard work, once articles are published, newsletters are sent, retail stores are stocked, we need to blow off some steam! What better way than to embrace the nautical theme and have some laughs with the rest of the HQ team!

Taken with the Sardina!

2011-06-17 #news #lasardina #launch-party-cameras-sardina

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  1. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    Sardina-can camera and beastie boys quote! I love you, sailors, ahrrrrr! :D

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