Father's Day Gift Guide: The Historian

Two more days before Father’s Day—do you already have a gift for him? If he’s a historian by profession or a history buff by heart, he will definitely enjoy the gift of “time travel” with the Sprocket Rocket!

This Father’s Day, give your dad something different—like the gift of time travel! The power to turn back the frames of time and capture multiple memories in sweet panorama will be in his hands with a Lomography Sprocket Rocket!

With this camera’s adored “time travel” ability, dad will have fun reliving analog photography and playing with time, history, and imagination through multi-exposed photos. The Eiffel Tower beside the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Check. A palace in the sky? Check. Dad and his gang in three parties at once? Check. Added charm and coolness of sprocket holes on his photos? Check. All these and more are possible with Lomography’s panoramic sprocket wonder!

See the wonderful creations of our very own Lomographers using their Sprocket Rocket cameras!

Credits: bccbarbosa, maximum_b, albersevi, kylethefrench, dogma, stephanie, eva_eva, eastmoe, squamy & bulletofmine

written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-06-17 #news #lomography #time-travel #news #father-s-day #gift-suggestion #historian

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