Snowcat meets La Sardina!


Look at how many cats there are! As expected, where snowcat is you’ll find some cats, especially if there are fish around! Check out Snowcat’s latest illustration after the jump!

Lomography Diana F+ Snowcat Edition

Do you remember the beloved Diana F+ Snowcat Edition ?If you didn’t manage to get one in your paws, you can still meet Snowcat not as a Lomography product, but La Sardina Lover! Snowcat loves La Sardina like other cats, and wants to know what the new La Sardina camera looks like! Have a look what La Sardina launching means to the cat world.

Illustration by snowcat

Yes, Snowcat now has La Sardina Frischers Fritze with Fritz the Blitz and shooting every cat around the corner. A special interview with Snowcat is coming sooooon with super wide angle shots.

Snowcat homepage

La Sardina Mircosites
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2011-06-17 #news #snowcat #lomoamigos #la-sardina
translated by lomography_korea


  1. miss_maha
    miss_maha ·

    Super cute! The two go well together :3

  2. z
    z ·

    Lomo you should re-release the snowcat diana, i love that design so much!

  3. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    A Snowcat Sardina on the cards, perhaps?!

  4. spoeker
    spoeker ·


  5. sc-ting
    sc-ting ·

    this is too cute (:

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