The Wimbledon Wetherspoons is Quite Nice

An acceptable pub in Wimbledon that doesn’t smell weird and isn’t too loud or too small. Hurrah for the safe haven of pub chains that is Wetherspoons.

Pubs are a vast world of booze and armchairs and old men, with varied decor and occasionally, a 3D TV so you can really relish each blood-splattering punch in the next big boxing match with a gleeful expression on your intoxicated face (sarcasm alert! I hate boxing). There is quite a selection of pubs in central Wimbledon, but The Wibbas Down Inn is one of the best offerings. You always know where you are with a Wetherspoons. This is a huge, sprawling pub, so it’s got a nice bit of space. This is one of it’s main advantages, as a lot of other Wimbledon pubs are packed out on Friday and Saturday nights and you can barely squeeze your way through the sweaty masses to the bar.

Here are some pictures of my friends being utterly delighted to be at this pub:

Credits: ashdinosaur

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