We've sailed the Lomoseas with you. Viva La Sardina!

We’ve waited for so long, followed her trail and observed her curiously and dearly with our telescopes without ever loosing her sight, but the wait is over. Now we can hold her tight! Upon her arrival it was unavoidable to feel a bit like Columbus when he first touched land.

We got so into character that we felt on a ship with a captain leading us to distant fun lands. Slowly our Lomography Gallery Store got filled with sardine cans and fishnets, basil and rosemary gave the latest touchs to this marine sensorial experience

Our playlist blasting “People from Ibiza” almost got our hair into a full Sandy Marton do and “sapore di sale sapore di mare” got us even way back in time like the cool kids from another era.

Deep fried clam, Grog, real sailor fake tats and tons of pictures freshly taken with La Sardina and it’s flashy fantastic “Fritz the Blitz” taken by our beloved crew of Lomosailors .

The style of our camera calls to the past and so once again it confirmed us that “The Future is Analogue” but today it also remind us a little bit of the sea!

Dive with us in our fabulous La Sardina Sea!

Captain’s word and it’s crew….

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