La Sardina Launch Party at Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo !

Finally our adorable new La Sardina launched in Tokyo ! Here is the latest update of our amazing party!

June is rainy season in Japan. However so many lomographers visited our mystery product launch party!
And THE SARDINA FISH MARKET opened at 7 pm in Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo!

Before the mystery product launch, the “Marine Costume Competition” and “Fish Throw Game” started!

Marine Costume Competition

In the entrance of our store, we took instant photos of the participants of the Marine Costume Competition. And selected one coolest winner! Of course, Our Lomography team members wore marine costumes too!

Fish Throw Game

For this game we threw our Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo “Fish” mascot into the marine net. And if people succeed in catching it, the winner would get films!

Live of Mr. Harada Sahanji

And Acoustic Musician Mr. Harada – Sahanji played a cool performance!

It was really a great show! During the final song, all the visitors started to sing along! Please check out our video!

La Sardina Launch!

Finally the time of the release of new camera came!
We kept it in a wooden box to kept it fresh!

Our store manager finally opened the wooden box of mystery products!
Lomographers cheered our brand-new La Sardina Cameras!

Lomographers were so impressed by our La Sardina. Because its easy to handle and it has a simple and cool design!
Looks like, El Capitan is the most popular one! Everybody said “cool” or "Kawaii (Japanese term “Cute”)" !

*In the video, La Sardina has film and battery, but films and battery are not included in the La Sardina Package.

Let`s start the adventure with La Sardina !

Each of these 4 La Sardina are limited editions! So already some lomographers bought it!

Hope they have great adventures with La Sardina !

written by kyonn on 2011-06-17 #news #party #tokyo #launch #japan #shibuya #release #la-sardina
translated by tame

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