It's Brilliant--Diana Instant Back+ Will Never Make You Regret


Just a word for this brilliant accessory for Diana+/Diana F+: SUPERB. Just imagine a wonderful moment that not only you can capture but you can share it instantly.

When I used the Diana Instant Back+ the first time, I found it quite difficult to estimate the exposure time (using bulb-mode) especially in low light condition, but somehow I manage to learn it by referring to Diana F+ Exposure Chart from Indian Hill Imageworks.

What can I tell you this accessory not only produce instant photos by using your Diana+/Diana F+ but also will help you to enhance your imagination. You can play with a lot of new techniques and also you can pair it with other lenses for Diana F+ (in this case, I chose to use the Diana Instant Back+ with the Diana+ Fisheye Lens and Diana+ Superwide 38mm lens), and what I should say, this is brilliant.

The Diana Instant Back+ gives you freedom to make multi-exposure photos and long-exposure since you can control it manually.

You also can some nice and dreamy look photos instantly and make your friends feel jealous.

So what’s the point here? You should get Diana Instant Back+ since you get some new excitement using this accessory and help you to have some fun. Easy, right? Never regret to have blurry and blank images since it will give you some experience to handle this accessory.

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our “Online Shop”:

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  1. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·

    ah i want this!

  2. pikc
    pikc ·

    Get it! This is must-buy accessory for Diana F+.

  3. izzzart
    izzzart ·

    The best article ... the capital of love browser

  4. legfreak
    legfreak ·

    great. i ordered my instant back a few days ago.. still waiting for it.
    thanks for the exposure chart link, i didn't know it before.

  5. liawinfieldale
    liawinfieldale ·

    I agree..I have the instant back and I love it! The first few pictures came out black but after much experimentation, I managed to get some instant pictures. There is nothing like watching the image slowly appearing..sooo addictive! I've just bought some additional lenses which i am pretty excited to use!

  6. pikc
    pikc ·

    @izzart; hahaha. translate?

    @legfreak; waiting for your result!

  7. pikc
    pikc ·

    @liawinfieldale : Hahaha..same as me!

  8. kakikamera
    kakikamera ·

    :) macam best. tapi, review selalu cakap keluar gambar gelap2. aduhai merisaukan kadang2.

  9. pikc
    pikc ·

    @kakikamera: kalau faham exposure time biasanya tak ada masalah.

  10. shafie_suleiman
    shafie_suleiman ·

    i luv u man XD

  11. pikc
    pikc ·

    @shafie_suleiman: aku straight ok!

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