Multilens Fun Rumble - Winner Announcement


Thanks to all of you who took part in our Multilens fun rumble – We had a jolly good time going through the submissions, you got us all warm-hearted with all those bright summer snaps! Read on to find out the winners!

Photo by phaliyp

We had tons of fun looking through all the photos submitted for our Multilens Fun Rumble – There were lots of brilliant snaps but alas only one person can be named our grand prize winner – And that person is phaliyp for the shot above! Congratulations, your winning 15 Piggy Points will be delivered soon!

Well done to our 2 worthy runners-up marshall4480 and cohetesnaranjas too! You’ll be getting 5 Piggies as reward for these shots below!

Credits: marshall4480 & cohetesnaranjas

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  1. marshall4480
    marshall4480 ·

    Awesome! Congrats Phaliyp!

  2. lightblue
    lightblue ·


  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Congrats, great colours!

  4. eatclicklove
    eatclicklove ·

    I don't want to comment.. -.-

  5. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    Grate ppl! Nice shots!

  6. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·


  7. ccwu
    ccwu ·

    Phaliyp!!! Congrats!!!!!

  8. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    congrats! lovely one!

  9. orangeuke
    orangeuke ·

    Congrats to all! I missed the rumble by like an hour or so dang!

  10. disdis
    disdis ·

    nice winners! Congrats!

  11. dogma
    dogma ·

    Congrtas! Very nice pictures :) I thingk today i'm gone go out for shooting with supersampler :D

  12. myvitaminx
    myvitaminx ·


  13. myvitaminx
    myvitaminx ·


  14. myvitaminx
    myvitaminx ·


  15. phaliyp
    phaliyp ·


  16. welland
    welland ·

    Smashing snaps well done!

  17. sc-ting
    sc-ting ·

    congrats everyone! beautiful shots :3

  18. deedeet
    deedeet ·

    congrats guys!!

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