Lomography Gallery Store Soho London has turned into a FISHMARKET!

Seaweed draped everywhere, crayfish and tuna crawling around… yes, ladies and gentlemen, your Lomography store has turned into a fishmarket! Come and check out the catch of the day!

So the secret is out and our latest Lomographic fish has been caught… we welcome the LA SARDINA cameras in store!

Come and browse the fresh selection of cameras, there are four different types! Vegetarian? Don’t worry, this healthy diet of film and fun won’t affect you. Come in, take a few snaps and cart one away. We promise it’ll last longer than dinner and best yet… it won’t smell!

Drinks and general revelry in store tonight from 6-9pm! Every purchase of a La Sardina will come with a FREE cable release (that a £15 saving)! Today only! Hurry, get it while it’s fresh!

Lomography Gallery Store Soho
3 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RE

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written by golfpunkgirl on 2011-06-16 #news #soho #camera #launch #fishmarket #london #uk #sardine #la-sardina #lomolaunch

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