My Railway Travels with La Sardina

I could imagine that I’m in the beach with a bit of sea breeze, walking on waves, maybe drifting off to the sky, sometimes swimming in the beach. I feel free just like a fish. This summer, let’s stay close to nature with La Sardina!

What do you want to do this summer?

My La Sardina is ready for the summer; and from the looks of it it will capture the scorching hot places with its cute appearance! When I got La Sardina for gift from Lomography I was as happy as a child, and also feel honored. Lomography wants me to test this new camera before its launch; I guess everyone must be so excited at the moment. So are you ready for this?

Sitting on the train could be the best way to enjoy the landscapes, sometimes also the city or the country road, the towers, great buildings and also the fields’ landscapes, whatever. The railway travelling is just like enjoy the whole landscapes in fast browsing. I enjoyed looking at some unclear field stations, because there are not much visitors there. For that reason I could enjoy the charming landscapes by myself quietly and that is just happiness!

Yunlin County’s Shi Gui Train Station is a station in Taiwan that I found accidentally. Because of some problems, it has become abandoned. The advantage of this station is its old school station style. Therefore it’s very different to compare with modern stations. And because it has kept its authenticity when I got here I felt I had travelled back in time. It was a satisfying experience!

After that I went to Tainan security station and Yongkang station. Both stations are built in wood which is a rare sight nowadays. It probably stores so many lovely stories in the past. Now you can only find peace and quiet and I love it. I enjoy the railway travelling because I could go to many different places and enjoy the landscapes. So get ready and let’s move on!!!

written by apd on 2011-06-16 #lifestyle #travel #taiwan #lomo #la-sardina #lomography-x-pro-chrome-100-35mm #lasardina

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