A leisurely afternoon with La Sardina


When I first got my La Sardina camera, I didn’t use it right away. Instead, I browsed through the instruction manual and the photo album first. I think this camera is perfect for summer, so I decided to take it to the beach.

It’s fun to travel with La Sardina during weekends at the beach!

When used with Lomography X-pro Chrome 100 La Sardina camera produces pretty photos that perfectly captures the colorful summer. Cross-process it and you’ll see that the charming dark vignetting would also be more prominent.

The closest shooting distance is 0.6 – good for taking photos of people at short distance!
The weather was really hot so we bought a big watermelon!
We also brought the beers.
The camera shutter 1/100 is good for taking subjects in motion
A jump shot photo in the beach is always necessary!

You don’t have to use the view finder when you use the La Sardina. With a 21mm wide angle lens, you can easily capture the wide beach!

Shoot with Lomography CN100 Lomography CN100; it is fabulous!

I did not adjust the aperture or shutter, and I also did not focus accurately. We just had lots of fun with La Sardina during this leisurely afternoon!

written by ccwu on 2011-06-16 #lifestyle #la-sardina #lomo-cross-processing-lomography-summer-cn100-x-pro-chrome-35mm #instantfun #instantsummer #instantbeach
translated by shanti929


  1. grazie
    grazie ·

    great photos!!! I want a La Sardina now

  2. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    This is fantastic!

  3. kaiarmor
    kaiarmor ·

    My La Sardina just arrived at my doorstep 3 days ago and it has been raining everyday! envy your sunshine day.

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