Escapologist at Temerloh


The hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur makes me want to spend my semester break in my hometown, Temerloh, a small city where I was born and grew up.

Above pictures were taken by Praktica Mtl3,FED 5B, and Holga CFN 120

Temerloh is known as “Bandar Ikan Patin” (City of Patin Fish) a specie of freshwater fish, which is one of the favourites among locals. It is located 130 km from Kuala Lumpur, it took about two hours to get here via East Coast Highway. It is the second largest city in Pahang after Kuantan.

I was born here in September 1991 and still live here. It is a small city and can be considered as a cowboy town where almost all shops are closed after 7pm. Living here makes me feel peaceful because there is not too much air and sound pollution compared to Kuala Lumpur.

What makes Temerloh so special from other small town cities is the famous dish, “Gulai Patin Tempoyak”. For your information, this is the only place where you can get the best and lowest price of Patin fish. I bet you’ll love it after you taste it!

Another attraction is the longest wet market or Pekan Sehari In peninsular Malaysia. If you visit here, you must not miss the Pekan Sehari which is held on Sundays. Here you can get fresh fishes, vegetables, traditional food etc. Pekan Sehari or Sunday Bazaar Market is located alongside the longest river in Malaysia, Pahang River.

As a lomographer street photography/lomography is my favourite technique, I’m always going here to find some inspiration.

OMG, what a traditional way to make ice cream! Yeah, you can find it here.
Locals still use boats as transportation. It’s cheap man!

To me Temerloh, is the best place to escape from the city. If you come here please do contact me, I can be your tour guide. :)

Do visit my new album , “View of Temerloh”:

And last year, my album for Kuala Gandah and deer land

PS Kuala Gandah is also not far away from Temerloh. You can also contact me if you like! Do read the article on Kuala Gandah written by jibamz

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