Escape from the City: Po Toi O, Hong Kong

If what you’re looking for is a place to enjoy truly delicious seafood in Hong Kong, besides tourist hot spots like Sai Kung, Lau Fau Shan, Lamma Island, and Lei Yue Mun, a small local fishing village called Po Toi O should be your perfect choice!

Po Toi O, which is located close to Clear Water Bay of Sai Kung, is one of the local fishing villages where traditional fish cultivation still conserved. Since the gulf is surrounded by hills with only one narrow exit to the sea, the landscape looks like a sac and that’s where its name came from. While stepping into Po Toi O Chuen, you can see quite a lot of traditional stilt houses built over water as well as areas where villagers used to breed fish. Besides, there are some stores selling dried seafood and other local foodstuff, and we can just smell the taste of an old fishing village everywhere!

All in all, what we aim at is the delicious seafood at Po Toi O!

Being lowly developed, pollution barely exists in this area, keeping the water quality relatively high and so as the quality of seafood there. A fresh giant cuttlefish becomes delicious sashimi with a shiny, semi-transparent look under the chef’s knife; sea urchins freshly drawn from the bay and served instantly as sashimi, tastes incredible – it just melts on my tongue and the strong “marine” taste immediately finds its way to the taste buds! Don’t like sashimi at all? Steamed egg with sea urchins, steamed crab with egg white and Shaoxing wine, fried razor clams with black beans and chilies, steamed mini geoduck (also called the king clam or elephant trunk clam) with garlic…all of them taste super delicious! If you’re a seafood lover like me, and don’t wanna squeeze into tourist hot spots like Lau Fau Shan, Lamma Island or Lei Yue Mun then, Po Toi O is your perfect choice! Just relax under a tranquil atmosphere, enjoying the beautiful scenery of this petite fishing village with yummy seafood and chatting freely with best friends…what more could I ask for?

The Hung Shing Temple at the entrance of Po Toi O Chuen is the very first Hung Shing Temple in Hong Kong; it was built more then 300 years ago, and many people come here purposely to worship. In August (in terms of the lunar calendar) every year, lots of functions would be held at the Temple to celebrate Hung Shing Festival, and make this quiet little fishing village a lot more vivid.

Take the MTR to Po Lam Station (Tseung Kwan O line), walk through the shopping mall (Metro City) that’s connected to the MTR station and take minibus no. 16 at the ground floor of the mall ’til the terminal station at Po Toi O Chuen.

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