Urban Adventure: Washington Square Park, NYC


I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Big Apple around three or four times. On one of those trips I stumbled into a park that made me re-visit it almost every single day that was left of my vacation. Read on to find out why.

In the summer of 2010, I went with my family to New York City to celebrate my little brother’s 15th birthday. Between all of the fun sightseeing and family plans my parents had, I made sure that we could make some time on the very first days to visit the Lomography Store. Wandering around the streets, all joyful after having bought a few packs of film, we stumbled upon this huge park which had a few monuments that I had seen in several movies before. I, excited as usual upon a new discovery, took out my trusty lomo cameras and started snapping away everything I could get my lenses on. Little did I know, this would become my new favorite spot in NYC.

Located in Greenwhich Village, Washington Square Park is one of the best-known New York City parks. That monument earlier mentioned, I later found was called the Washington Square Arch, which was constructed in 1889 as a celebration of George Washington’s centennial inauguration as president of the United States, which later in 1892, became a permanent marble arch. Then, in 1918, two statues of George Washington were added to the north side of the park.

The park was base ground for all of the up-and-coming folk musicians in the 1960-70s to gather around the premises and play their tunes. And yes, that would include the ever-so-famous Bob Dylan. Nowadays, very much like in the old days, street musicians still claim their spots around the park to play music that warms their souls, in hopes that tourists and other visitors may spare some change for them.

Another one of my favorite parts of the park is the fountain. In the summer, it is full of water so that people may get in and find some relief from the killer heat that haunts the days of New York City. However, during the winter and spring time, the fountain remains turned off and dry, and it is often the center of attention, due to comedy or acrobat shows that regularly takes place during the day.

As you can see, there are always interesting moments waiting to be captured by our lomographic cameras in this park. Even when there is not too much action, the park still contains beautiful scenery, full of lovely flowers (or dead ones, depending on the season you visit it), and curious-looking people. Whenever I step on New York City soil, you can be certain that I will find my way back to Washington Square Park, and so should you.

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  1. 2mur
    2mur ·

    I was just in Washington square park a few weeks ago. Did not realize the Lomography store was close! ugh

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