SuperSampler: Summer Loving


When the sun warms the air and the rain stays away there’s nothing better for me than spending some quality time with my daughter. The cherry on top is using the opportunity to take some photographs and my brand new Supersampler is just the ticket for some multi-lensed summer loving!

When thinking of summer images pop into my mind; hot long days, holidays, the beach, flip-flops and ice-cream. Not every day is a holiday though so to make the most of the summer I take the opportunity to spend some time in the lovely parks around Nottingham. It’s not quite sunbathing on the beach but it’s great fun nonetheless. It’s a little bit of summer loving for me and even more for my daughter Emily.

It just so happens that I recently spent my store piggies on a SuperSampler too so now I have my first ever multi-lensed camera to add to my collection. As the days out in the park are all about playing and fun I hoped the Supersampler would be ideal for capturing those moments in its two second bursts of action.

I like to follow the Lomography philosophy so try not to plan shots in advice (just shoot!) but even before loading the car and setting off to the park I had envisaged freezing four frames of action on the swings, slides and roundabouts in a way that not many other cameras can claim to do.

Using a relatively high ASA film even in the sunshine (Kodak Ultramax 400) produced some fantastic and well exposed photos. Looking back over them I got exactly what I expected and I now can’t think of a more unique camera that is able to capture the same full-of-action shots. I can see myself making more and more use of the Supersampler over the summer months to come.

My advice; grab a SuperSampler and capture some summer loving moments!

written by veato on 2011-06-19 #lifestyle #summer #multilens #playing #action #emily #parks #swings #supersampler #roundabouts

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