Lisbon From My Point of View: The Charm of Everyday Life


In May, I spent a week in Lisbon and totally fell in love with the city. I’ve never been there before and since I arrived, I immediately noticed that every corner of the street was a little treasure. All the walls that Lisbon people see everyday, all the streets they walk on, and the shops that they go to, left a really good impression on me. Nothing is too big, too showy, or too much. It’s like everything is covered by a soft, shy, beauty.

Credits: elisss

The air you breathe in, is kinda different, it’s a mix of living a peaceful life and an ancient love. Don’t know how to better describe it but the view of Lisbon is surely kind of magical.

Credits: elisss

I won’t tell you about the wonderful azulejos that cover the great part of the walls and the fantastic views of the city from the several miraduro, but I want to tell you about something, you will surely notice when you’ll go there.

People give themselves moments to relax in open air. And there are so many places perfect for this activity, or, we can say non-activity. There are parks, walks, sometimes just benches, where people sit, talk, rest and smile.

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Another thing I would like to show you is a small obsession of mine: the one for typography. I have been really impressed by the beauty of every typographic element. I was literally in love with every sign, neon and graffiti that I had seen while I was walking through the streets.

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During this trip I found out another obsession too, the one with hanging clothes out of windows. I don’t know why I find them so poetic, but I do! If you like them too, you’ll be happy cause walking through some streets of Lisbon will have them really close to you!

Credits: elisss

Thinking about places to visit?
In Alfama, the most ancient part of the city, I admire the wonderful back lanes and steps. Yes, of course there’s also the castle, but I already said I’m speaking of what I loved, not what is beautiful to everybody. :)

Credits: elisss

If you are in Lisbon, you also have to visit Belem at least for just one day. This small town is really touristic, yes, but being there is a whole different experience. The story of the castle, that once upon a time was in the middle of the river, is already worth visiting it. The fun thing is that when you visit it, you won’t know where it will be. I know of course it doesn’t go anywhere, but the water does! So one day you can walk on the sand and touch its walls, but maybe the day after you will be able to just watch it from a certain distance, cause it will be in the middle of the waves!

Credits: elisss

For the ones who love greenery, Belem has this magnificent botanical garden, a bit far from the main touristic attractions and not very famous (I think). It’s called Jardin Botanico da Ajuda and it’s a great place to visit.

Credits: elisss

I loved the fountain in the middle of the park, I tried to make some interesting double exposures of it without great results, but it’s not the fountain’s fault, it’s mine.

If you’re lucky you can find here beautiful peacocks too. I did, but the shot sucks!

That’s about it. Thank you for reading and please forgive me for my bad English!

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  1. lereile
    lereile ·

    I loved all those thing from lisbon too, the things that barcelona lost.. the character, free of publicity for tourists.. so nice.. looking forward to spend a long time there..

  2. caromi
    caromi ·

    What a lovely, lovely article!

  3. weaselwiththecam
    weaselwiththecam ·

    As I do intend to visit Lisbon one day soon, I find your article very helpful. I absolutely love the first picture, especially the color tones and the texture of the old wall.

  4. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    Great article. Just got back from a couple of weeks there and it was fun to revisit it through your article. Thanks.

  5. anafaro
    anafaro ·

    Hi there. I am from Lisbon and I really loved this article. I think you really captured the essence of the city through your photos. Well done! :)

  6. carinaryca
    carinaryca ·

    This article is really good, it's nice to see the different points of view from the people who visit the city, i was born and raised in Lisbon, so, many times i forget how beautifull the city actually is, this article shows nice parts of the city i keep forgeting, love the shots =)

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